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              Office 780-837-2008

              Medical Billing for Professionals

              Honest - Knowledgeable - Trustworthy
              Billing for General Practitioners, Surgeons & Anesthetics

              True North Billing is a leading provider of Medical Billing Services to the Alberta Medical Community. We specialize in Clinic, Emergency & Locum Billings through the AMA and staff highly trained personnel to answer questions any time of day.

              WCB Billings
              Locum Billings through the AMA
              Emergency Billing
              All Clinic Billings
              Training Staff & Doctors

              Our personal service works with the demanding nature of the medical world.

              Outsourcing Benefits:

              Reduce employee expenses such as: staff size, sick pay, long & short disability compensation, vacation pay and holiday pay.

              See our
              ABOUT page for more information

              An Advertised Canadian Business with:
              Artscript Canada Business Network